Office 365 Setup Instructions

  • By David Maloney
  • 12 Dec, 2016
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General Information:
Server name:
User name:   use your full email address
Use SSL:   yes
Domain name:   leave blank 

Instructions to set up  iPhones and iPads .
Instructions to set up  Android phones & tablets .
Instructions to set up  Blackberry phones .

Also, you can access your mailbox at the website  for corporate accounts, or  for personal accounts.

Email hosted with Rapid Networks

Setup for Apple Devices

How to configure email on IOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Depending on which version of IOS your device is running, the screens you see may look slightly different. If you are having difficulty, please call us at (303) 539-9397, and choose option 1 for support.

Step One:
Find the settings icon, and tap it. It will look something like this:
Step Two:
You should now be inside the settings app. Tap where is says Mail, Contacts, Calendars - like this:
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