David Maloney, Network Engineer

David grew up in the small town of Spencer, Massachusetts, where he received his diploma from David Prouty High School in 1991. After high school, David attended Boston College, where he double-majored in History and Philosophy, and graduated with a B.A. in 1995.

Following graduation, David followed his lifelong passion for computers into a network engineering position with Microcomputer Technical Services, in Waltham, MA. While there, he built upon his existing knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems with more advanced work in network operating systems and networking technologies.
Two years into his job with MTS, David realized that he was working so hard that he was missing out on skiing, a sport he had pursued since early childhood. Soon after, he left MTS and drove out to Steamboat Springs, CO, where he spent a season working as a ski lift operator, and living the ski bum life.

The next spring, he moved to Denver, where he returned to the computer networking field, finding a position as a network administrator with United Membership Marketing Group. While there, he helped the IT department grow from three servers to more than twenty, and transition from an R:Base database running on NetWare, to an Oracle database running on Solaris for x86.

After helping UMMG weather the millennium, David decided it was time to leave, and shortly thereafter accepted a contract position with the National Network Operations Center of AT&T Broadband (now Comcast). This position allowed David to see the inner workings of a huge corporation, and when the six month contract was done, he was all too glad to leave.

As a reaction against the bureaucratic mentality of AT&T, David searched for the smallest company he could find to work for, and in early 2001, accepted a position as a Network Engineer with Welch Computer Services. WCS was very much like the first company David had worked for back in 1995, and he found that he enjoyed getting back to consulting work.

In 2003, David founded Rapid Networks, and is currently focused on delivering the best IT consulting services for his small and medium-sized business clients.

When he is not working, David enjoys snow skiing, hunting, hiking, scuba diving.
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