Data Backup

  • By David Maloney
  • 09 Dec, 2016

Backup plans are essential for business networks.

While computer storage of data is far superior to paper storage, it is also potentially more ephemeral. If your systems suffer a bad enough failure, all of your data could be wiped out completely.

Backups protect against three types of failures:

  1. Mistakes  - such as someone inadvertently deleting an important file or folder.
  2. Equipment failure  - computers, even servers, can and do fail. We take proactive measures to prevent this, but over enough time, failures do happen.
  3. Disasters  - fires and floods are the most common failure of this type, but earthquakes, meteor strikes, tornadoes, are all possible causes. The probability of such a disaster occurring in any given year is extremely low, but if one does occur, you will really want a copy of your data off-site.
The solution is to keep multiple copies of your data, preferably in multiple physical locations.

We offer backups to USB hard drives, and to Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives, as well as online backups, which backs up your data over the Internet.

For local (in your office) backups, we recommend StorageCraft  ShadowProtect  or  Macrium Reflect  for drive image backups.

For Online Backups, we recommend  iDrive .

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